Tamarack Solar FM Mounting System

Configuration Tool

Use this configuration tool to design your rooftop PV array and get a list of required parts.
Under Project Details, fill out your contact info. In the Installation Parameters section, select the module brand and model you plan to use, then enter all the requested information about your roof and other installation parameters.
Based on the building standard used in your jurisdiction and the location of the modules on your roof, some modules may be located in ‘Edge Zones’ where the code requires closer spacing of attachments. After you enter your installation parameters, begin placing modules in each row on the Module Layout Template by clicking rectangles in the template. Each rectangle represents a single module. As you click on the rectangles, they turn yellow and become ‘active’ in your installation. If you click on the rectangle again, it changes to orange, specifying that it is in an ‘Edge Zone’.
To see a roof map showing where the edge zones are located on you roof and to get information to allow you to calculate the size of the ‘Edge Zones’, click on the (?)below the layout template.
NOTE: You can make changes to the Module Layout Template until you hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page. Be sure you have it just how you want it before clicking the SUBMIT button, because if you want to make changes after submitting the layout, you will need to start the process over!

If you have questions about using this Configuration Tool, please email support@tamaracksolar.com or call us at 800-819-7236.

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